School District

Why partner with Four Seasons as your food management company? By choosing Four Seasons the school administration can focus on their mission of quality education while we turn our attention to making the cafeteria a place you can be proud of. We pride ourselves on providing custom tailored service without the politics of a large organization. Our menus are carefully created by the owners to deliver the students and administration meals they would expect in their favorite restaurant. The aroma of sizzling fresh ingredients will keep even the faculty from choosing the competition down the road, and the students are sure to carry less bagged lunch from home than ever before - guaranteed. We promise the options will be endless, and suggestions are always welcome - we are here to make sure our customers are always happy. You can enjoy the comfort of knowing that the lines of communication are always open between Four Seasons and its valued customers.

Four Seasons encourages a healthier lifestyle and promotes beneficial life-long eating habits. In addition to our extensive lunch menus, we start by offering full service hot and cold breakfast daily. To learn more about Four Seasonís commitment to health and wellness, please visit our nutrition page. We are experts in moving the lines quickly and efficiently so students will have more time to enjoy their carefully prepared meals. After all, research shows a well fed and relaxed student is a more successful one.

From equipment and facility design to the most attentive and positive staff, Four Seasons offers schools a full range of food management services. We also custom cater any event from a principals meeting to a father-daughter dance. Just let us know at a momentís notice and we will prepare lunch for your last minute meeting and deliver it to your office. Itís that easy and it is our pleasure. As a result, schools that partner with us constantly experience increased student and faculty satisfaction, greater participation in lunch programs, and enhanced profitability. As one principal summed it up, ďI have worked in four different schools over the past twenty-five years and this is by far the best catering service I have ever experienced.Ē Donít hesitate - great food and exceptional service is just a phone call away, contact us today.

Eat well.. Learn a lot.. Achieve more..